nap and co-sleeping question

At night, my daughter goes to sleep in her crib around 8pm and usually sleeps straight for 10-11 hours. At least, I hope it’s straight through because when I wake up to hear her cry, I always have that guilty feeling that maybe she’s been crying for hours and despite the baby monitor, I didn’t hear her…. I mentioned this to some others mothers that I know and they seem to share the same guilt. But overall, baby seems to sleep well in her crib at night.

Daytime is another story. She hates naps. At least, she hates naps in her own crib but she will quite willingly take a nap if I lie down with her. I’ve seen it myself where we play a little bit in bed and then she will decide she is tired, settle her head a certain way, and close her eyes for sleep. She’s adorable. And it’s so sweet to sleep next to her.

But then I feel another guilt. The guilt that comes with being an adult who naps during the day when the house is not quite clean and cluttered and dinner hasn’t been planned much less cooked. How do parents who co-sleep with their babies at night in a family bed put down their babies for daytime naps?


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