busy, busy day and it’s only the first of the month

Today was one of those crazy, wonderful days which I’ll remember for a very, very long time but there’s so much to tell that I’m not sure I have the energy to do any justice to it in the telling. Here’s a rundown and hopefully some day I’ll write the full story:

  • My husband was given a great surprise by his manager today – a ride up to SF for lunch at The Slanted Door for husband, baby, and me. My husband is now worried that I was able to keep the surprise secret so well for so long.
  • Baby enjoyed her first ride in a limousine. We took note that she liked the Britax Roundabout carseat supplied over the limo and looks more comfortable in it than the Peg Perego SIP infant seat that we own. She loved the freedom that the Britax seat gave her and loved the view through the limo windows. We’re a little worried that baby enjoyed the limo ride a little too much now. Will she ever be happy crammed in the back seat of my car?
  • Baby loves looking at the water.
  • The Slanted Door has some truly wonderful seafood dishes.
  • When baby is exhausted, she can go to sleep, perched on top of husband’s shoulders and clinging to his hair. She was very, very cute.
  • When one is in the middle of cleaning and it must get worse before it gets better, plow through until CLEAN is reached because if you pause, people will show up at the absolutely messiest point of the process.
  • My baby is only 10 months old and she already has a favorite friend who is a few months older. Whatever S does, baby will copy. And it was very cute watching them share and pass sippy cups and other items between them.
  • Two babies is a lot of work. If we have a second one, we may not be ready for a boy but we would both lose a lot of weight chasing after a boy.

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