the swine flu

Last night, we had an impromptu dinner with our neighbor and her two children. Her daughter is a few months older than our baby so she can walk around very well and is tall enough to reach things that our baby can’t even when she stretches to her tippy toes. It was adorable until they started passing a sippy cup and the mother informed us that S had the swine flu. I quickly asked if S was completely well now and received the reply that S was hospitalized a few months back but was completely recovered and that it was only recently that they were told that what S had was probably the swine flu.

A brief flash of anxiety and then relief that all was well. Hopefully, that will be the extent of our exposure to the swine flu.

Baby is getting her flu shots tomorrow. Not because of the conversation last night. I made the appointment over a week ago but it does make me a little more anxious to make sure she receives the shots.


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