I see other people do this in their blogs so I’ve decided to follow suit until I feel more inspired. But I figure, it’s good for me to try to figure out what the hell it is that I do all day so that I can urge myself to be more productive.

Things accomplished today: Got baby vaccinated for regular flu (but not swine flu as the office doesn’t have it yet) and hung around the office for about an hour because baby showed a slight allergic reaction to the vaccine. Picked up baby shower gift for T&N’s shower this weekend. Checked out vacation spots suggested by my brother for a possible family vacation while we’re in Ohio. Some writing which led to a few ideas and then dead ends. And voted for mom’s group club officers. Switched toys from plastic tub into new basket in the living room.

Baby’s new tricks: Pulling off her pants. She did it twice so I’m inclined to think that she’s figuring out how to take off other clothes besides socks. She tried to pull the nap before we have to go to the doctor’s trick  but I woke her up and hauled her into the car. And of course, she retaliated with a no nap day. On the plus side, the time change hasn’t affected her too badly and will hopefully sleep 12 hours straight tonight like she did last night.

Tomorrow’s plans: Morning playdate with another mom. Shopping at Target. Park before dinnertime. Craft night. Make more baby food.


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