Things accomplished today: house clean and ready for the in-law’s visit this weekend. Sorted through all of baby’s clothes into neat piles for packing away, donating, or putting back in the dresser but hopefully in a more organized fashion. Met up with mom’s group for coffee.

Baby’s new trick: No new, new tricks today but she’s taken to eating finger food with more enthusiasm. She also rediscovered the windows. When she was very young, only days and weeks old, she would stare out the bedroom window. She stopped staring out the house windows months ago but today, she started banging her hand against the glass sliding door and trying to touch the screen door. She listened when I told her not to touch the screen door although she kept testing me and then we sat for awhile and she just looked out the window into the backyard.

Tomorrow’s Plans: Baby shower in the afternoon. In-laws’ arrive in the evening so probably last minute tidying interspersed with naps.


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