My husband’s mom and aunt arrived for their visit today. They are a lot of energy but it is going to be a fun weekend because they have a good sense of humor and high spirits. They didn’t get to see the baby though since she was already asleep by the time their plane landed.

Baby was so sweet at bedtime. She wasn’t hungry so didn’t want to nurse but she wanted to hold my hand and lie on my lap. When I put her in the crib, she wasn’t happy but babbled rather than cried for a few minutes and was fast asleep in ten minutes.

I’ve only had my voice back for a few weeks but I’ve started to cough again. I hope that I am not coming down with something new….

Things accomplished today: Attended a baby shower. Took care of some mom’s group business. Rearranged the clothes in baby’s dresser and everything fits! Cooked apples for baby. I even played a little piano today.

Baby’s new trick: She learned that pushing buttons on the wii remote causes the blue lights at the bottom to flash. She now deliberately pushes the button to watch the little lights flash. She also grabbed my husband’s iphone and rather than gnawing on it  as usual, she flipped it around and looked for the buttons, trying to figure out how it worked.

Tomorrow’s plans: Introduce baby to her aunt and have her play with grandma. Mom’s group planning meeting. Dinner alone with my husband because grandma and aunt can babysit!


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