This morning, my husband decided that if the baby ruled the household, I am the grand vizier.

We also decided that I might be the weird mommy in my mom’s group but I’m okay with that.

Baby played with her grandma and grandaunt today and had a blast. Many pictures and movies were taken. We decided to cancel dinner and babysitting plans last night since we were not sure whether one day would be enough time to get baby comfortable enough to be alone with them for the night and so we could show the bedtime routine once before they were on their own. She adores them but will probably not have them babysit tomorrow night since we want to take the grandaunt to a soup dumpling place.

Things accomplished today: Went to a training for my mom’s group since I’m a new officer in the club. Visited with aunt and MIL and watched them play with baby but most of the day I was off baby wrangling duty which was nice.

Baby’s new trick: Baby was playing with her dad on the floor and usually she just crawls over his legs and flops on the other side since she’s top heavy. Today, she deliberately swung her leg over his leg in an effort to get over it and to the toy on the other side.

Tomorrow’s plans: Baby gym class with husband and possibly grandma and grandaunt in tow. Visit husband’s office at work to give grandma and grandaunt a tour. Go to soup dumpling restaurant for dinner. mmmm. soup dumplings.


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