No soup dumplings for dinner today since it became very clear that Baby was too excited to sleep but too tired to go out, so we ordered Chinese take out for dinner. But a fun exciting day for her.

She had some redness on her cheeks though so I’m wondering if she is allergic to peaches. The only new food introduced her in the last 48 hours has been peach yogurt and she already had three days of pear yogurt with no reaction.

Things accomplished today: Husband went to baby gym with us this morning! It’s such a cool class that I was glad that he was able to go for once. This quarter is going to be very fun since it will also have Baby A in it. Made some calls for the mom’s group. Went to husband’s office with grandma and grandaunt for lunch and a quick tour.

Baby’s new trick: She has become more adept at pushing the lever down on her incrediblock. She was also very cute when she spilled the jar of puffs on the floor and then started to horde them.

Tomorrow’s plans: Husband is taking another day off from work and will drive the in-laws to the airport in the morning. Possible picnic at lunchtime if baby’s not too tired. Hopefully get some jeans shortened and also a trip to Lowe’s to get baby proofing locks.


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