Today marks 10 days of blogging every day. Sure, these are not particularly insightful or interesting blog posts but I think getting into the habit of writing every day is a good start.

Things accomplished today: Paid our farewells to grandma and grandaunt before they went to the airport. BIG nap in the afternoon. Baby LOVES her grandma and grandaunt but she was very tired. Went to Lowe’s and picked up some babyproofing items.

Baby’s new trick: I forgot to record that yesterday baby figured out how to ring a handbell properly. Previously, she would hold the handbell by the bell rather than the handle, but yesterday, she figured out that she could clutch the handle and shake it so that the bell would ring. At the baby gym, the teacher tried to take the bell away shortly after baby’s discovery (the teacher was not being malicious it was just time to take the bells away), and baby snatched it back. Today, she played with a balloon. It was very cute. We made the string very short and it was weighted down by baby toys. She would either try to climb on top of the balloon, bop the balloon, or hold the baby toys and watch the balloon fly like a kite.

Tomorrow’s plans: We might try to go to the park in the morning or a playdate at a mom’s house. Neighborhood park in the afternoon. Craft night. Figure out what we need to pack for family trip.


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