The baby was still revved up from her grandma and grand aunt’s visit and woke up at 3am and 7am, staying up for at least 2 hours each time. She napped a lot today though and was thoroughly exhausted by the end of the day even though we did not do much at all. She was very clingy most of the day and also a bit aggressive, attacking the music table with a vigor had not seen before. I was not best getting her to go back to sleep for the 3am wake up so my husband took over putting her back to bed around 4am. I was exhausted today and am not sure whether it was because baby kept me up or if I’m coming down with something.

Things accomplished today: Not much at all. I enjoyed two 2 hour naps with baby. I was able to start cleaning out the small bookcase in our living room since I’m going to clear out that corner, and I also did some quick Target and grocery shopping before spending a little time at Craft Night. I am also working on our holiday cards already since we’re going to take more of a newsletter type approach this year.

Baby’s new trick: Some other new tricks that she’s learned this weekend are riding on a seesaw at gym class and she can now pick up a single cup out of a stack of nested stacking cups (her old method of getting a particular cup was to dump ALL the cups out).

Tomorrow’s plans: Clear out that small bookcase in the living room. Start setting aside DVDs to sell/donate. SNP in the afternoon if baby nap allows.


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