Baby was good today but for some reason I had a short temper and I’m not sure why. We managed to have a good day though. We went to a playdate with two other moms and their little girls and one broached the subject of  starting a sit and scram. I’m not sure if Baby is ready yet because of her separation anxiety, but it’s something that we can work toward and we figured that perhaps I could try sitting in another room in case Baby got anxious so that I could at least get stuff done on the computer.

The woman hosting the playdate also has a funny cat. She leaves her front door open with the screen door closed plus a baby gate. I had my book to the door as I was chatting with another mom and Baby was by my side facing the door. I could hear and feel her getting excited about something but it took me a moment to look and when I did, I heard a shuffle and a ginger haired cat sprang over me and the baby, briefly touching the floor before perching on the couch and looking down on us all. Apparently, the cat is rather adept at opening the screen door so that he can come and go as he pleases. Baby had never quite seen a cat do that before and never had gotten so close to one so she was very excited, emitting a little happy shriek when she get a chance to pet the cat. She was a little too excited to actually pet the cat but she had a lot of fun.

Things accomplished today: I started culling our DVD collection and set aside three grocery bags worth of DVDs to sell or donate. We still have a lot and what DVDs aren’t necessarily the best movies, but they’re the ones we’re most likely to watch again. Husband needs to go through it to make sure he doesn’t want to keep any I set aside. I also got someone to take the kitchen remodeling books that we no longer need. We also went to a playdate. Baking some squash and apples for baby.

Baby’s new trick: She started to figure out how to use a pushcart. She is not quite ready for one and needs to be watched closely with it, but she liked it very much.

Tomorrow’s plans: Mail DVDs full of photos to grandma and grandaunt for husband as well as some packages of my own. Go to the park and maybe stop at a farmstand for fresh veggies since I threw out a lot that had gone bad today. Buy an appetizer and toy for the baby birthday party we’re attending on Saturday.


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