Husband is at work all weekend. It’s sort of a company camp so it is day and night. Baby didn’t see him much all day, except for a half hour before he went to work. When I was dressing her for bed, she started to call for him, and I could swear she told me “I’m thirsty.” I could be imagining things, but she did end up being very thirsty….

Things accomplished today: Again not much. I woke up from my nap because my cell phone was alerting me that there were 30 minutes until baby’s music class. Music class was great. I got to the class on time and then afterward, baby wanted lunch so we did not go out on the errands I had planned. The rest of the day was spent tidying the house which gets to be a worse and worse disaster each day. I also had a few things sent to Ohio for our imminent family visit.

Baby’s new trick: I’m not sure what got into baby today but she was very aggressive and a bit of a menace this afternoon. She decided to take the Incrediblock which is a little larger than a plastic crate and roll it on it’s side, then upside down, and then she grabbed it, rolled back, and carried it with her so it was on top of her. I have also learned that Broadway showtunes energize her, so I’m going to avoid playing them for her.

Tomorrow’s plans: shopping for a gift and appetizer to bring to baby birthday party with my mom’s group and then attend said birthday party. will also drop off remodeling books at a friend’s house. and then hopefully play time at home.


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