Baby only catnapped today – about 15 minutes at a time – but we managed to have a good day and made it to the Q3 and Q4 birthday party sponsored by my mom’s group. I got a few comments from people that they think she’ll be walking soon and her mobility skills are impressive for her age.

Baby kept stealing toys today and frustrating other children. She doesn’t mean to be malicious or a bully – she was the youngest child there – but she sees a toy and wants to play with it and will keep going for it. She is very persistent! Sometimes, she thinks that the passing back and forth is a game in itself but I think most of the time she doesn’t understand that the other child is getting upset. I’ll have to figure out how to teach her to play well with others.

Another mom at the party was also kind and thoughtful enough to give Maya a toy that she said would be good for distracting her while on the plane.

Things accomplished today: Picked up appetizer for party and went to party. Placed hold on mail while we’re out. Dropped off books at R’s house since they’re thinking about remodeling.

Baby’s new trick: Baby is definitely getting taller and stronger and more coordinated. I didn’t witness this but my husband said she kicked the little door on her incrediblock closed and when it didn’t latch, she shoved it closed. She also saw a toy on top of the wine chest and pulled up and grabbed it – she’s never done that before. Also, she’s learned to tip laundry baskets and large plastic tubs on their side and starts playing in them like it’s a lean-to or little cave.

I also introduced baby to blueberries. She loves them! She seems to like the taste, but she also likes to take the blueberry halves and squish it with her fingertips.

Tomorrow’s plans:  Cleaning and starting to get everything together for packing on Monday. Also, tomorrow, husband is done with his weekend work stuff.


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