Today was the last day of my husband working but this just meant he was out until 2pm rather than into the evening. After he got home, I took the afternoon off and met a friend for coffee and then went on a few shopping errands. We ate pizza for dinner.

Things accomplished today: bought more long sleeved shirts for the baby’s trip to the Midwest, gift wrap for J’s baby gifts, baby snacks for the plane.

Baby’s new trick: Baby was very clingy today as soon as I got back home from my errands. She refused to sit in the high chair even though she was hungry and would only eat when I let her sit in my lap and my husband spoon-fed her pureed pears. Today, she also rejected her dish of apples and squash, and she really, really wanted to eat whatever I happened to eat. She’s figured out that I eat more interesting food than I give to her.

Tomorrow’s plans: baby gym class, mailing packages, packing, packing, packing.


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