Things accomplished today: We arrived back from visiting the grandparents last night and baby has been adjusting well to being back home, to not being surrounded by several loving family members all intent on spoiling her, and to being back on Pacific time. We did not do much today as baby re-acquainted herself with the house and we went grocery shopping. We were also planning to go to the park, but the baby ended up not wanting to go and napping on my lap for a half hour instead.Overall, she was generally cheerful and happy today. We were worried that she would be sad and lonely but she seems to be happy to be home.

Baby’s new trick: Baby learned many new tricks while we were in Ohio. She is constantly testing her strength and loves to hold small items in her hand as if she’s offering it but really, she’s justing displaying the item and showing her new strength. She also urgently cried “diaper!” this morning. I’ll spare the gruesome details but whether it was coincidence or not, it was a good thing that she cried out when she did. Baby is also much better at manipulating books and is good at pulling and folding back the tabs on some of her more interactive books.

Tomorrow’s plans: Hopefully a SNP but I really need to get the house in order. Also, eye appointment for me and I’m hoping to get new glasses.


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