playing with stacking cups

I don’t have time for a full post, even in the super truncated self-made form that I’ve made up to speed the process of getting my day down (see past posts), but I will record something cute that baby did.

I’ve been showing baby how to play with stacking cups: how to stack them to form a tower and how to nest a smaller cup into a bigger cup. For the most part, baby’s play with the cups has been to knock down the tower or chew on the lids of the cups. This week, she figured out how to place a smaller cup into a bigger cup.

Also, I grabbed one of the cups, held it to my face like a surgical mask, breathed deep and low into is and rasped: “Luke, I am your father.” The baby giggled and held her hand out for the cup. When I gave it to her, she tried to imitate me by breathing deep into the cup and making a low growling noise.

Cute, cute baby.

Now, if only I could get her to nap without my holding her….


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