2010 resolutions

The new year had a lovely start. We enjoyed brunch with friends, pretty much all of whom who had young babies or toddlers, so it was a massive playdate. The baby had a blast and M and I got to relax with friends for the first time in a long while.

It seems obligatory to write – if I am going to write – here about my plans and resolutions for 2010.

  1. Lose the baby weight. I made the first step today and worked out at the gym while M went to the park with the baby. M inadvertently took with him my wallet and keys which were tucked away in the diaper bag. It would have been a good excuse to stay home and not go out but I fished out the spare house key, walked to the park and reclaimed my wallet and keys, and walked back home to get in the car and drive off to the gym. The workout was easier than I expected but my legs are definitely sore right now…. I go back on Sunday.
  2. Manage eating at home better – less frozen food and take-out. We’ve actually been good about eating at home this year but my cooking repertoire could be widened a bit. Last night was plum marinated chicken with balsamic vinegar and honey glazed carrots and baked potatoes with chipotle butter. Very tasty. It was not my intended New Year’s Eve dinner but it was good.
  3. Write more. Here. Elsewhere. Just write.

I have many more plans and projects for the year but those are the big three with the last one being the most vague and least thought out but still necessary.

Happy 2010!


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