I just entered Tookland.

I think that I must admit that I truly am a geek since I just checked how much progress I would have made to Rivendell if the two workouts that I did this weekend were an actual journey rather than on an elliptical trainer. According to an online guide, I traveled from Bag End to Tookland. My next workout should take me to the Green Hill Country. I think my journey should be much more pleasant than the one taken by Frodo though.

So, two workouts this week – a start. The real test will come on Tuesday when I need to get in a morning workout before taking the baby to the doctor’s at 9am. I am not a morning person….

We’ve made a little progress on the second resolution to manage home dinners better. I’m using a cookbook that I found at Border’s called Robin Rescues Dinner and so far have made “plum-marinated chicken with balsamic-roasted carrots and baked potatoes with chipotle butter,” which the cookbook then showed me how to take leftovers from that meal and morph it into “nutty asian chicken over noodles.” Both dishes were very flavorful and rather easy to make. I may skip the third meal which proposes that I use any leftover potatoes from the first meal and make a baked potato soup. I think I will make a veggie scramble instead with potatoes, peppers, onions, cheese, bacon, and cilantro.

I’m trying to accomplish the third resolution – to write more – here but I think I must refine that resolution.

Also, first house project of the year: closet organization. There are monsters in our closets and they must be tamed.

Baby’s new trick: She has many new tricks but the one I’ll note here is that she knows how to turn on the iPhone now although she can’t quite manage the slide lock yet.


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