My last pair of glasses were perfect for dealing with babies because the hinges on it were actually ball and socket joints, so the arms could be bent in almost any direction. The only problem with them was that they were heavy, heavy frames – heavy enough that I really should never have considered them with my prescription.

My new glasses are thin and light – such a difference! – but without the baby defense mechanism. Now, when the baby grabs my glasses, I need to get them back quickly but quietly enough so that my snatching them back doesn’t add to the fun. She’s been trying to play the grab the glasses game with me but I’ve been thwarting her and cutting the game short, which is no fun for her and upsets her.

And then she did something cute.

She crawled over to her toy basket, rummaged around and threw everything out, and then crawled back and handed me her sunglasses. I put the baby sunglasses on over my glasses. She grabs the sunglasses off, giggles, and hands them back over to me to repeat the game.

Now, we’re both happy.


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