30 minutes

I failed to wake up Tuesday morning in time to work out before taking the baby to her doctor’s appointment, but my husband surprised me and came home early for the express purpose of giving me time to work out. Thanks to my husband, I’ve worked out every day scheduled.

We’ll see if I can wake up tomorrow morning.

I’ve also been pleasantly surprised that after the soreness from my first workout (the muscles were so sore it was hard to sleep), the soreness and tight muscles disappeared after the second workout. I’m not doing anything particularly brutal – just 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer –  but it’s more exercise than I’ve had in over a year and it’s manageable and repeatable. I figure it is a good thing to start out slow and the gradually add to the exercise regimen as I get into the rhythm of going to the gym and as my body gets stronger.

My husband commented that even with just going for 30 minutes of exercise every other day that I’ve been much happier and energetic lately. I do feel much better, invigorated even, after I workout. However, I’ve also noticed that I sink deeper into sleep when I do get a chance to rest which makes waking up painful. Just 30 minutes on three different days in a week and it’s already making a difference.

Oh, and as of Tuesday, I’ve been looking back at the lights of Hobbiton from the Green Hill country.


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