what a difference a year makes

Tonight the baby went to sleep happily and peacefully even though I put her in her crib wide awake. She lay for a moment and then clambered up the crib rails to look at the window and she didn’t cry once. I can usually put her in her crib but she will climb back up and reach up for hugs, which I will indulge, and then she’ll cry a little in protest when I eventually leave the nursery.

She seems to know the daily routines and is even reminding me to follow the routine. Last week, she handed me the lotion after her bath and tried rubbing the lotion into her leg. She’ll have me walk her to the bedroom when she wants to nap or cuddle or to the bathroom when it is time for her bath. She even pulled the plug on her bath when she was ready to get out. When I show her something new, such as how to play with her new toy teapot, she’ll imitate me and tilt the teapot into the little cups that go with the set.

She is constantly demonstrating her new awareness and understanding of the world around her. I’m not sure I’m ready for this rapid transition from cooing baby to little girl!


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