training notes

I’ve started working with a trainer. I paid for three sessions to help get me started on a good exercise plan, and I’ve already learned a few things that will be helpful:

  • If using a cardio machine, exercise with enough resistance so that once my legs stop, the machine stops. This is usually around level 6-8. Not using enough resistance is more likely to result in injury since the movements are not as controlled.
  • Interval training is probably the most effective way to exercise and lose weight.
  • Drink lots of water. If one weighs 100 lbs., drink more than 50 ounces, etc.
  • Apparently, it is possible for me to get my former strength and flexibility back. Just means a lot of work though.
  • Circuit training. Keep the heart going.

There was more stuff that the trainer told me but this is what I remember.


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