February resolutions

I have two new resolutions for February:

1. Drink more water. I’m noticing that I’ll ignore when I’m thirsty to do other things – watch tv, read, surf the web, etc. – when really I should be making sure that I’m hydrated…..

2. Manage my time better.  Basically, stop mindlessly surfing the web so that I can get the cleaning, reading, and writing I want done and hopefully catch more sleep!

As for my other resolutions:

1. Losing the baby weight. I’m starting to work out three times a week and establishing regular times and days to go to the gym. I bought 4 sessions with a personal trainer and have received better information on how to work out more effectively. The big one is interval training – 30 seconds high energy followed by 30 seconds recovery and so on. Currently, my triceps ache.

2. Manage eating at home better. We’ve been pretty good at this and haven’t gone out for dinner or brought home take out in a long while. Most of this is due to a new cookbook Robin Rescues Dinner and it has brought a lot of new recipes and techniques into my repertoire.

3. Write more. This resolution is the one that I’ve made the least progress with but at least I’m posting here more. I think what needs to happen is less composing in my head and more just typing on the fly even if it comes out goofy.


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