Things accomplished today:Baby gym time, coffee with sprat, and Trader Joe’s shopping.

The baby was very good about eating her breakfast of honeydew and waffles rather neatly so I gave her bigger pieces of waffle to handle. She stuffed her face at first and then figured out that she could take little bites out of the waffle if she wanted to. She also decided to pour her milk out on to her lap, so she looked like she had wet herself when we arrived at the baby gym. I unfortunately hadn’t noticed the wet spot until after we arrived at the gym so who knows whether other parents noticed and what they thought of me if they did notice. She spent most of her time on the ladders which were propped up from the floor to a stack of climbing boxes. She also wandered away from me during circle time for the time time, crawling across the circle to say hi to sprat and her baby.

We had fun at coffee and Trader Joe’s afterward. The cashier clerk at TJ’s gave her a balloon and she loved it. The cashier said she was a cutie to the other staff as we were leaving. Yes, I am vain but I am also a proud mother. My daughter is a charmer. Did not finish the food shopping since TJ’s is a great place to go for quick lunches and snacks but not so much for general grocery shopping. I needed ingredients which weren’t quite so processed and packaged.

My husband was out tonight for a dad’s night out, so I had the baby all day long from waking to bedtime. It is surprisingly much easier to take care of the baby when I’m not waiting for relief at the end of the day. She was a good baby all day, too, constantly trying to walk on her own with a big, goofy smile on her face, all bright eyes and crooked teeth (all 4 of them). The only negative to the day is that I noticed I’ve started to cough a little and I was a little tired so I hope I’m not coming down with something.

This evening I vegged out on the web watching episodes of the first season of Doctor Who while surfing the web. It’s amazing how different the show was from one Doctor to the next and one season to the next.

Tomorrow’s plans: Finish the rest of the week’s food shopping so that I can make bloody mary chili tomorrow night. Park time for baby. Possible gift shopping for new babies. And working out at night.

Baby’s new trick: Baby took her first steps on January 22 but she hasn’t quite gotten the knack of walking independently for more than a few steps. She kept practicing today with a big smile on her face. She also loved the balloon. She also figured out that she can push her wheelie bug and train into the bedrooms and bathroom if the door is open.


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