Things accomplished today: gift shopping for a friend’s new baby. made bloody mary chili. tried out the kokopax with baby both during errands and while cooking dinner. work out with personal trainer. Did some mom’s group work while the baby napped.

The Bloody Mary Chili is made with bloody mary sauce in lieu of tomatoes. It was a very quick recipe as far as chili recipes go and although I have more favorite recipes, it was very good and it got raves from my husband. I did like it that it had carrots, onions, and celery since I prefer my chilis to have a little bit of veggies in them. The baby was also really interested in watching me cook so I would pick her up so she could look inside the pot, but she would cry when I put her back down on the floor. I loaded her into the kokopax and she enjoyed it because she got a better although not great view of what I was doing. Luckily, the recipe was simple enough that I could work on the recipe take a quick lap around the house for baby’s amusement and then go back. Definitely worked out my shoulders and back. The baby even liked her little taste of the chili – I just gave her a small piece of carrot and she didn’t seem to mind the spice.

And then I went to see the personal trainer.  60 squats (both legs) spread out over three circuits of rowing 400 meters and then squats. This was done after I did 3 circuits of dips, single leg squats holding a weight over my head, and burpees. No fun! But a good workout and I definitely work out more effectively with the trainer. I’ve decided to sign on for 5 more sessions with her so I’ll meet her once a week. The rest of my workouts will be up to me.

My body aches right now.

Tomorrow’s plans: Trip to the yarn store to get a birthday present for a friend. Grocery shopping. Bake cookies for the sunshine committee. Hopefully some outdoor time for baby to play.

Baby’s new trick: She did the “more” sign properly! Also, she tried out a sippy cup with a straw and she got it first try but prefers the other cups. Plus, she was so tired on the way back from the baby boutique that she napped in the car. I opted not to go food shopping today in favor of her nap and she slept for 2 hours.

She also likes Morningstar sausage links but not as much as she likes cheese. She also enjoyed a little bit of paneer tikka massala (I only gave her rice dipped in the sauce) and a little taste of chili.


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