I’m ambivalent about using this update template which I made up for myself and have been using lately. On the one hand, it makes it easy to write and post. On the other hand, what I post is not thoughtful but it at least records what I’ve done since I so often forget from day to day where my time is going. For now, I’ll try this for the short month of February to get in the habit of having time to write in this space and then hopefully will move on to more interesting entries (at least, more interesting to me). At the very least, my husband can get a glimpse of what the baby and I do all day.

I woke up feeling tired because the baby woke up an hour early. M was up and out of the bed and her room before I was quite awake so I didn’t hear her cry. Very sore and tired all day because I stayed up an extra hour last night and because I’m feeling sore from the work out last night.

Things accomplished today: Trip to the Container Store where I purchased bins, mailing boxes, food gift bags, etc. Useful things to help me send gifts out and organize what I have. The baby loved zooming around the Container Store in the cart, but she really, really wanted to grab everything. The rest of the day was spent trying to tire the baby out so she could nap and when she finally did it was rather late and ran into park time. Did laundry during the day. Baked ginger spice cookies. I feel like I spent a lot of today feeding the baby and cleaning up after mealtime – and then she would be hungry again….

Tomorrow’s Plans: Baby gym in the morning, clean up before lunch in preparation for a visit from both the cleaning lady on Friday (I find it so ironic that I clean up for the cleaning lady – she doesn’t care but it helps her focus on the tasks that I really want her to get done) and my father-in-law. Playdate in the afternoon and I handoff the cookies I backed tonight for the new mom’s gift bag that is being put together for a mom in our group. Gym workout.

Baby’s new tricks: She was adorable today and very energetic. We missed going to the park because she took her nap very late in the afternoon and by the time we were up, it was getting a little too late to go and too close to dinner time. Tomorrow should be a much more active day for her. Today, she practiced climbing on and off our futon bed. She also would lie next to me and try to “read” with me as I browsed through the Kindle; she likes New Yorker cartoons. (I think I should look for simple illustrations, etc. to put on the Kindle). She is getting better at drinking with a sippy cup that has a straw – she can do it but prefers the other sippy cups. She also actively hugged her Chrismukah bear, the one that says “I love you,” and she would give the bear very energetic hugs. She is also practicing walking down the hallway, and practicing when I’m not looking. I think she wants to surprise me.


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