a good day although not without a few bumps

We started the day running late to the baby gym, but the baby had a lot of fun once there. She waved at many of the other babies and parents, climbed through tunnels, went down the slide, held on to ladders, and rammed the pushcart back and forth into the wall and a pile of gym mats.

Afterward, we met Sprat and her baby at Panera. I carried the baby in and when I was paying, I had nowhere to put her except on the counter. When I took my credit card out, she grabbed it and then held it out to the cashier. She was also very good during coffee and sat in a high chair, kicking her feet back and forth and smiling. She kicked off one shoe and sock and waved at other customers, especially the ones who wouldn’t look at her.

Then more play at home, a late 2 hour nap for both of us, and the park! I met with another mom to discuss the birthday party for the playgroup that we are putting together. m crawled, cruised, and walked around the tot lot, went on the swing where one of the mom’s sons decided to gently push her, and she also crawled up the stairs to the slide and slid down the slide. Unfortunately, she likes to slide head first so I’m trying to teach her to go feet first. She was fine most of the time but the last time she slid down, she went too fast and bumped her chin. A few tears, but she quickly stopped.

She also had another unfortunate bump at home when she launched herself on a new ball which M bought for her last night. She landed square on her stomach, rolled, and then slid off and into the window. She cried and cried until I got an ice pack and put it on her head and then she would snatch it away and throw it to the floor. Since she didn’t mind my touching her head, I don’t think she was hurt too badly, but I’ve taken the ball away for now.

After dinner, she cruised around the house for a bit and played with my phone. At bath time, she expected me to entertain her and gave me her bath toys which I made sing and dance along the bath tub rim. She sat back in her tub and giggled.


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