It’s been hard to find time to post – except in the wee hours when both husband and baby are asleep, and then I want to sleep, too – so this is the first time in about a month that I’ve even attempted to write in this space. I’m taking advantage of the precious time that the bear cub is asleep – or at least lying quietly in her crib and taking a brief pause in protesting her confinement – to write here so I’ll be brief.

What we’ve been up to…..

We went to Tahoe to give the baby a chance to play in the snow. She did not fully appreciate this opportunity but took what advantage of it she could, bundled in too many layers of clothing and snow gear. We made the new parent mistake of bundling her in too many layers so that she not move which dampened the experience a little.

I did my first mommy group event and co-organized a birthday party. It went well as far as mommy group events go but I’m looking forward to being a simple, happy attendee next time. I’m carrying on with my mommy group activities as an officer, but I’ve decided to step down in the fall. Must plot how to gracefully bow out of the role.

We’re planning a trip to Victoria, BC. It should be very pretty but the journey will take multiple days. Wish us luck. We’re hoping that the baby likes boats. We figure that she will and at least we’ll be in a beautiful area.

Speaking of boats, the husband and I took a rare date night for a dinner cruise in the bay. It was nice. And more significantly, the baby was babysit for 6 hours by a non-family member and she loved it.

Passover is next week so I’m on the hunt for kugel and dessert recipes…. I think I will make a chocolate orange cake for the dessert.

I’m also thinking about hosting an Easter brunch….

The baby is furthering her mobility skills by scaring the crap out of me. She’s into climbing and isn’t afraid of heights. She took a tumble off the play structure at the park yesterday and although it looked like she landed on her head, shoulder, and neck, came out unscathed. She cried and had mulch and pebbles stuck up her nose from the landing, but quickly forgot about it within minutes….

And we’re going to demolish our backyard, level it since it is multilevel right now, and fence the pool. Six weeks of contractors. Crossing my fingers….


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