music class, tire pressures, pavers and mores

The baby was very cheerful today. This entry done because I truly do not remember what happened during my day unless I write it down.

Things accomplished today: Took baby to music class and watched her steal all the toys and run away from all the activities. Adjusted air pressure in tires so that the warning light on the dashboard was no longer lit. Picked up medicine for M at the pharmacy. Ate lunch at Starbucks and discovered that Starbucks makes its own version of the sausage and egg MacMuffin. Showed paver samples to the contractors and learned that we picked different paver types from what they had in mind from the quote. Continued with the kitchen re-organization. Walked to the Chinese shopping plaza with a friend and watched the babies push the strollers around the courtyard. Practiced piano – learning the songs from the Pride & Prejudice songtrack.

Tomorrow’s Plans: Figure out the paver business since we have a Friday deadline now. Get some free formula received in the mail to another mom in the playgroup. Continue with the house re-organization and cleaning in anticipation of FIL’s arrival. Ladies night out with some friends for dinner.

Baby’s new tricks: Marching. She started marching in music class today, lifting her knees higher than she does when she walks. She marched at home a little but only lifted one leg high but not the other which was a little worrisome at first because I worried she was injured but she seemed fine upon closer inspection. She also started following me around the house with DVD cases and kept offering them to me like they were books.

I wonder if the baby liked Kandinsky. She keeps picking up a book with a Kandinsky painting on the cover and giving to me as if she wants me to read the book. She also traces the lines and shapes in the Kandinsky with her little fingers.

Currently reading: The Sportswriter by Richard Ford. Just 50 pages or so in and am not enjoying it. Something about the narrator is annoying me. Anyway, must continue with the book for book club later this month. Also reading Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn. Another slightly annoying read. While I agree with much of what he has to say philosophically, I’m not sure that he has any practical advice to provide except to keep an eye out for what lessons our kids might be learning despite our best intentions and not to lose sight of our long term goals for short term gains in effecting our kids’ behavior.


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