interrupted sleep cycles and bad English food

The baby woke up at 2am and decided that this was a fine time to stay up and play so it was only with considerable protestations and co-sleeping that we finally got her back to sleep around 5:30am. Looking back, it’s amazing that we got through the baby’s first three months, but then my sleep habits were more in sync with hers at that time. Sooo painful to wake up and move when interrupted in the middle of a sleep cycle.

Things accomplished today: So, not much accomplished today. Lack of sleep makes me truly irritable and short tempered. The baby actually napped in her own crib without too much fuss for 90 minutes but I didn’t get a nap. Most of the day was spent trying to clean up in preparation for FIL’s visit this weekend but looking around me now, progress on the homekeeping front is not visible.  Went to the park. Also went to a bar with some other moms and enjoyed adult company and bad English food.

Tomorrow’s plans: Baby gym. More cleaning. Possible playdate in the afternoon.

Baby’s new tricks: She walked halfway home either by herself or “pushing” the stroller.

My head is pounding now. Heading to bed early and hopeful that the baby will sleep through the night tonight.


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