fixing a flat, a burst pipe, and grandpa in town

Things accomplished today: Waited a little less than an hour at the tire place while they patched a tire with a slow leak. Good news was that the patch was complementary. Bad news is that the tire tread has run out, probably from being driven with low air pressure in the tire, so we’ll probably need to replace the tire – or rather two tires since it’s best to replace in pairs. Checked out my neighbor’s backyard which he designed himself with an orchard area, a garden area, and a pond area all in one compact space. He did a beautiful job and even built these gorgeous trellises in his backyard. Grandpa arrived in town from a business trip so we went to the airport to return his rental car after baby had a snack then went straight to the park. Afterward, we came back and found the contractors sitting on the driveway, waiting to drain the pool…. We fed baby dinner then we all went out for an adult dinner together at the Fish Market and I had raw oysters and smoked trout. Finally, I can feel free to eat seafood again!

Tomorrow’s plans: Visit with grandpa and hopefully babysitting! I am especially hopeful about sleeping in this weekend since grandpa starts the day early.

Baby’s new tricks: Nothing really new. She’s teething and may have a touch of a cold so she’s fussier than normal. At the tire place, she did discover a water color and was especially attracted to the red lever so I had to keep dragging her away from there. She also seemed to recognize her grandfather right away since she didn’t treat him as a stranger although it did take her a little bit of time to place him or get comfortable.


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