hanging out with grandpa

Today was not a day set aside to do anything really except to have the baby spend time with her grandfather so it was very lazy and leisurely which was what, I think, all of us needed. The baby has been tired the last 2 days or so, not even standing up in her crib when we come into her room. She has a mild fever and although quite cheerful and playful most of the day, she started to lie down during playtime which is not usual. If she’s not better by tomorrow, I’ll call the pediatrician and possibly take her into the doctor on Monday if needed.

The baby went out for a half hour walk with her grandfather in the morning, and we opted to cancel baby’s haircut appointment for what would have been her first haircut. Sharp pointy things and a sick, cranky baby who hadn’t napped long enough just didn’t seem so wise. We did hang out at the house most of the day and the baby quietly played with her toys, but we did manage to get out and walk to the local Chinese shopping center and introduce the grandfather to the joy of soup dumplings. We also let the baby walk around and gave her some eggshell waffles. She was tired toward the end though and a bit wobbly on her feet, so we put her back in the kokopax and walked home.

She didn’t get much mommytime today but she did want me to read her books and put her to bed so we ended her day, like pretty  much every day, with hugs. She babbled a lot while I was rocking her, like she was telling me a story and going “yeah, yeah, yeah” and talked herself to sleep after I left the room.


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