a lazy Sunday

Today was another lazy day. The baby woke up at 4:30am and rather than putting her back in the crib, I decided to carry her into our bed and let her sleep with us. I rationalized that she’s sick and needs the hugs and that it was 4:30am and I didn’t want to listen to her cry and have to pick her up again.

It sorta worked. She didn’t cry much and she snuggled for a few minutes until she decided that she wanted to sprawl. She was so happy to see her dad that she started reaching for him and trying to cuddle up next to him that she formed a t-bar with her head jammed beneath M’s chin and her feet poking my stomach. I’m not sure that this arrangement was comfortable for even her so I don’t think any of us got good quality sleep, but she seemed to drift off to sleep a little after 5am and we all slept in until shortly before 8:30am.

We spent the morning letting baby and grandpa enjoy time together, ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory since M’s dad had never been before dropping him off at the airport, and then more sleep for all three of us – once again, all in the same bed. You would think we would learn, but no, we didn’t. We all did sleep deeply though for about two hours since the afternoon was gone when we woke up. Then a quick trip to Target where we spent way more than expected and dinner at Aqui. The baby wasn’t interested in any of the restaurant food and going to the restaurant was a bit of an impulsive decision so I hadn’t brought dinner food for her, so I ended up feeding the baby a small dinner once we got home. Playtime. Bath. Then bed for baby. Ever since bedtime though, the baby had been waking up about every hour but hopefully she’ll settle down and get a good night’s rest.

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