a rainy day and a possible case of roseola

It mostly rained today, briefly punctuated with bursts of sunlight. For a few moments today, there was even bright sunshine with light rain, which made for a confusing forecast of which one would prevail. Every time, I even thought about bringing the baby out because it was light out, the sky would darken again and more rain would fall so we were shut-ins today.

Despite the weather, the baby was fairly cheerful. Now that her fever has passed, she has more energy, but I noticed little pinprick bumps on her belly and can’t tell if it is something that I should worry about. I’m suspecting roseola but am not sure if I’m imagining a symptom that isn’t there, so most likely I’ll call the doctor tomorrow. Other than that, she is a little more tired lately and even though she was fighting her nap, she was out within a few minutes. She woke later and since I was fairly tired myself, I plucked her out of the crib and brought her to the bed and passed out for 2 hours. I actually woke up before she did and if I hadn’t moved, she would have been happy to keep on sleeping.

Tomorrow’s plans: Call the pediatrician. Send out some packages. Get baby to a park for outdoor time (provided she isn’t contagious with anything).

Baby’s new trick: Her girly side is coming out. Today, she handed me her little nailclippers and wasn’t satisfied until after I clipped the nails on one hand. Later in the day, she wanted me to pick her up so she could watch herself try to comb her hair in the mirror. She has also figured out how to play with her rolling turtles a lot better, placing the ball on top of the turtle and then brushing the ball with her hand to make the turtle roll forward.


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