It’s been confirmed. In the morning, I checked the baby’s belly again to see if what I thought was a rash was still there. It was very subtle but it had spread to her chest, so I called the pediatrician. The pediatrician was in a meeting all morning so the advice nurse called and she said it sounded like baby measles or roseola. Baby needs to be isolated from other children until her rash goes away – so more time at home in the house. No parks.

I got a little stir crazy in the afternoon and took the baby out in the stroller to get some air. We walked to the Chinese marketplace and I ordered pearl tea and shared an egg puff – it’s the HK version of a waffle but rather than a grid with holes there are ovals which puff out – and shared that with the baby. Since there were no kids in the courtyard, I let the baby out and she amused herself by pushing her stroller in circles. Unfortunately, she must have been a little tired but not ready to quit and a little hungry but not interested in any of the snacks I had on hand and she started crying – high pitched wails. So I strapped her back into the stroller and walked her home.


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