two cute expressions


A few days ago, I stepped on a stray toy in the living room and expressed my pain a little more loudly than I would have liked. Then I heard a little voice say “uh oh.”

I wasn’t sure if I imagined it.


Tonight, the baby was resisting bedtime, crying, squirming in my arms, making it clear she wanted out of the nursery or failing escaping from the room at least to play with some item on the dresser (I had no idea what). In the process, she dropped her pacifier on the floor. The pacifier has been keeping her calm lately so I squatted down with her in my arms to look for it but couldn’t find it in the dark room. The baby could tell I was looking for her pacifier but still complaining.

“I’m looking for your pacifier. You dropped it and it’s dark, and I can’t find it in the dark. It’s gone,” I say to her as she squirms. I didn’t expect a response but received a soft, little one.

“Oh, no.”


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