good, da-da!

Today, the baby entertained me while I was cooking. I chopped vegetables and she stood on the other side of the kitchen, chatting a little hysterically in baby gibberish, gesticulating wildly, and laughing. I think she was telling and laughing at her own jokes even though I couldn’t understand her…. M says that this sounds like his family. My other theory is that she was recounting her nap-time dream.

Also, the baby gave M a severe scolding yesterday. She followed him into a room, shut the door, and started berating him in baby gibberish. He doesn’t know what she said but she obviously felt it was important.

This morning, the baby continued the daddy training. When he left for work today, she broke down in huge cries because he had been home in the middle of the day and she thought he was going to stay the whole day like he does during the weekend. Well, he came back into the house a few minutes later because he forgot something, and she squealed, chased him down the hallway, and I could almost swear she cried “good da-da!”


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