I’m a suburban housewife whose full time job is to take care of the most adorable baby in the world. She is precious, adorable, daring, and – I can already tell – whip smart, so I’m devoting my time to enjoying her early years and fostering that development rather than carting her off to daycare. I appreciate every day that I get this opportunity to be with my daughter but make no mistake,  full-time mothering is a hard job – not because of the individual tasks involved but because of the care, love, imagination, and unrelentless patience that go into mothering well.

I don’t sleep much because my baby doesn’t sleep much which has probably affected my ability to pursue long trains of thought or stumble upon profound thought, so good luck making sense of the inanity on this site. I plan to fill this site with many silly and mundane things – things that through writing keep me sane, things that keep me from ripping my hair out, and probably things I won’t be sure that I’ll want out in the ether but couldn’t help but shout out so I won’t go mad.

I blog rather than journal because writing in a little moleskin feels too much like practicing my penmanship. And secretly, I have a huge ego. And also, it seems much more private to let these little words get lost in the cacophony of the blogosphere rather than having someone uncover a journal some day in the future reading silly thoughts I took the time to write by hand.

October 2009


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