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taste good

The baby drank shampoo today. I was cooking and it was a little too quiet and then I thought I heard a weird slurping noise. I found the baby sitting in her bathtub in the bathroom with her back to the door. Upon closer inspection, she had a large shampoo bottle in her lap and was pumping the shampoo out. Shampoo was pooled around her legs and covered her clothes, mouth, and chin.

I snatched the shampoo bottle away, crying “Baby, you’re not supposed to drink that!” and I could almost swear that she exclaimed “taste good!”

I called Poison Control and they said other than making her tummy upset that she should be fine.

Very hard to feel like a competent parent after having to call Poison Control.

Today was also notable because it was the first day that I took her back to the gym’s daycare. The last time she was there was a few months ago and it was disastrous. She wailed, hit, batted proffered objects out of the staff’s hands, and she desperately clung to me, frantic at the thought that I might leave her. With such a momentous start, I didn’t bring her back – until now. As a new mom, I had been ignorant that separation anxiety starts around 9 months…..

This time was very different. When I opened the little swiss door to the play area, the baby walked right in and ran to the ride on toys. The staff – who remember her well – shooed me away. I had actually planned on spending an hour with the baby in the play area to get her accustomed to the space and staff, so I hung out in the lobby in case they needed me. After 20 minutes, she noticed that I was gone and started crying, so they called me back. Once I was there, the baby was happy to see me but didn’t need me there to play with her. I think she just wanted to make sure that I was close by. I’m helpful that it’ll get to the point where I can leave her for an hour.

Also, the baby’s vocabulary is rapidly increasing. Here’s a list of the words I’m fairly certain she  say: hi, okay, dada, mama, blue, cracker, duck, vacuum, telephone, good, wait, yeah, no.

A  day ago, I was folding laundry and asked her, “Baby, what’s this?” as she walked by.

“It’s a shirt.”

Shocked. A big pause. I was sure I had imagined it so I held up a different shirt and asked a second time.

“It’s a shirt.”

I folded some more clothes and then held up a dress. “What’s this?”

Silence. Not sure if she knew it was a shirt or if she was just bored with the question. Perhaps both.

She’s babbling a lot. Gibberish to me but she says the babble very deliberately, purposefully, expressively. It’s like she’s speaking a language I don’t know. A few days ago, she was cracking herself up on her own story and jokes. Yesterday, I could almost swear that she was making fun of my clothes in baby gibberish. Sometimes, I think I hear English wrapped up in the baby talk because I’ve thought I heard her say “I didn’t mean to argue that” once and some other phrases that she couldn’t possibly have said. M thinks that I must have imagined her say “taste good” today. I’ve also thought I heard her say “I know that” when I told her I loved her before leaving her in her crib for a nap.

Ah, mommy brain. I’m not sure what’s real or imagined as far as the baby is concerned.


good, da-da!

Today, the baby entertained me while I was cooking. I chopped vegetables and she stood on the other side of the kitchen, chatting a little hysterically in baby gibberish, gesticulating wildly, and laughing. I think she was telling and laughing at her own jokes even though I couldn’t understand her…. M says that this sounds like his family. My other theory is that she was recounting her nap-time dream.

Also, the baby gave M a severe scolding yesterday. She followed him into a room, shut the door, and started berating him in baby gibberish. He doesn’t know what she said but she obviously felt it was important.

This morning, the baby continued the daddy training. When he left for work today, she broke down in huge cries because he had been home in the middle of the day and she thought he was going to stay the whole day like he does during the weekend. Well, he came back into the house a few minutes later because he forgot something, and she squealed, chased him down the hallway, and I could almost swear she cried “good da-da!”

fixing a flat, a burst pipe, and grandpa in town

Things accomplished today: Waited a little less than an hour at the tire place while they patched a tire with a slow leak. Good news was that the patch was complementary. Bad news is that the tire tread has run out, probably from being driven with low air pressure in the tire, so we’ll probably need to replace the tire – or rather two tires since it’s best to replace in pairs. Checked out my neighbor’s backyard which he designed himself with an orchard area, a garden area, and a pond area all in one compact space. He did a beautiful job and even built these gorgeous trellises in his backyard. Grandpa arrived in town from a business trip so we went to the airport to return his rental car after baby had a snack then went straight to the park. Afterward, we came back and found the contractors sitting on the driveway, waiting to drain the pool…. We fed baby dinner then we all went out for an adult dinner together at the Fish Market and I had raw oysters and smoked trout. Finally, I can feel free to eat seafood again!

Tomorrow’s plans: Visit with grandpa and hopefully babysitting! I am especially hopeful about sleeping in this weekend since grandpa starts the day early.

Baby’s new tricks: Nothing really new. She’s teething and may have a touch of a cold so she’s fussier than normal. At the tire place, she did discover a water color and was especially attracted to the red lever so I had to keep dragging her away from there. She also seemed to recognize her grandfather right away since she didn’t treat him as a stranger although it did take her a little bit of time to place him or get comfortable.

interrupted sleep cycles and bad English food

The baby woke up at 2am and decided that this was a fine time to stay up and play so it was only with considerable protestations and co-sleeping that we finally got her back to sleep around 5:30am. Looking back, it’s amazing that we got through the baby’s first three months, but then my sleep habits were more in sync with hers at that time. Sooo painful to wake up and move when interrupted in the middle of a sleep cycle.

Things accomplished today: So, not much accomplished today. Lack of sleep makes me truly irritable and short tempered. The baby actually napped in her own crib without too much fuss for 90 minutes but I didn’t get a nap. Most of the day was spent trying to clean up in preparation for FIL’s visit this weekend but looking around me now, progress on the homekeeping front is not visible.  Went to the park. Also went to a bar with some other moms and enjoyed adult company and bad English food.

Tomorrow’s plans: Baby gym. More cleaning. Possible playdate in the afternoon.

Baby’s new tricks: She walked halfway home either by herself or “pushing” the stroller.

My head is pounding now. Heading to bed early and hopeful that the baby will sleep through the night tonight.

music class, tire pressures, pavers and mores

The baby was very cheerful today. This entry done because I truly do not remember what happened during my day unless I write it down.

Things accomplished today: Took baby to music class and watched her steal all the toys and run away from all the activities. Adjusted air pressure in tires so that the warning light on the dashboard was no longer lit. Picked up medicine for M at the pharmacy. Ate lunch at Starbucks and discovered that Starbucks makes its own version of the sausage and egg MacMuffin. Showed paver samples to the contractors and learned that we picked different paver types from what they had in mind from the quote. Continued with the kitchen re-organization. Walked to the Chinese shopping plaza with a friend and watched the babies push the strollers around the courtyard. Practiced piano – learning the songs from the Pride & Prejudice songtrack.

Tomorrow’s Plans: Figure out the paver business since we have a Friday deadline now. Get some free formula received in the mail to another mom in the playgroup. Continue with the house re-organization and cleaning in anticipation of FIL’s arrival. Ladies night out with some friends for dinner.

Baby’s new tricks: Marching. She started marching in music class today, lifting her knees higher than she does when she walks. She marched at home a little but only lifted one leg high but not the other which was a little worrisome at first because I worried she was injured but she seemed fine upon closer inspection. She also started following me around the house with DVD cases and kept offering them to me like they were books.

I wonder if the baby liked Kandinsky. She keeps picking up a book with a Kandinsky painting on the cover and giving to me as if she wants me to read the book. She also traces the lines and shapes in the Kandinsky with her little fingers.

Currently reading: The Sportswriter by Richard Ford. Just 50 pages or so in and am not enjoying it. Something about the narrator is annoying me. Anyway, must continue with the book for book club later this month. Also reading Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn. Another slightly annoying read. While I agree with much of what he has to say philosophically, I’m not sure that he has any practical advice to provide except to keep an eye out for what lessons our kids might be learning despite our best intentions and not to lose sight of our long term goals for short term gains in effecting our kids’ behavior.

what a difference a year makes

Tonight the baby went to sleep happily and peacefully even though I put her in her crib wide awake. She lay for a moment and then clambered up the crib rails to look at the window and she didn’t cry once. I can usually put her in her crib but she will climb back up and reach up for hugs, which I will indulge, and then she’ll cry a little in protest when I eventually leave the nursery.

She seems to know the daily routines and is even reminding me to follow the routine. Last week, she handed me the lotion after her bath and tried rubbing the lotion into her leg. She’ll have me walk her to the bedroom when she wants to nap or cuddle or to the bathroom when it is time for her bath. She even pulled the plug on her bath when she was ready to get out. When I show her something new, such as how to play with her new toy teapot, she’ll imitate me and tilt the teapot into the little cups that go with the set.

She is constantly demonstrating her new awareness and understanding of the world around her. I’m not sure I’m ready for this rapid transition from cooing baby to little girl!


It’s late so just a quick post. The baby started clapping today! Deliberately clapping. It was something that I didn’t try to teach her when she was younger but it came together for her today. She loves to clap and thinks it is a fun game. If she claps, I clap. And if I clap first, she’ll put down whatever toy she has to clap, too.