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out shopping

It seems that when the baby is well enough to leave the house but too sick to mingle with other children, we take tours of the local shopping centers. We’ve been having a blast window shopping and eating from cheap food stands and sandwich shops. She either mellows out in the stroller or goes wild exploring the plazas, running around and checking out the plants and windows and dogs that people walk at the plaza – and of course, trying to open doors that no customer is supposed to open.

We’ve been going to the open air shopping areas since I really don’t relish going to the mall and I figure that outside air is good for us. On Sunday, we went to Borders, C&B, and the Container Store and the Container Store was by far the baby’s favorite stop. She loved the huge elevators with the glass walls, the large window panels that go floor to ceiling on the second floor, and the aisle of gift wrap rolls. We even found a little kid’s table with a kid chair that fit her and she played with the three small lego blocks left there and ran into a customer with a large dog which she tried to pet. It took a lot of gentle persuasion to get her to get out of the elevators since she wanted to ride up and down – which we did a few times – and there was much sadness and tears when I decided it was finally time to leave. Sadly, the morning excursion exhausted her enough that she took a catnap on the ride home and decided that she needed a longer nap. /sigh

Today, I took her to a different outside shopping area to get her hair cut. She liked the place, particularly since it had movies playing on several screens, and the dancing penguins of Happy Feet captivated her. Unfortunately, when she sat in the barber chair, the nearest screen was showing a fight sequence between the animals in Ice Age and that frightened her and made her cry. She barely noticed that her hair was getting cut although she looked in the mirror to see what was happening. In the end, it was an expensive cut so I think next time I’ll try trimming her hair myself. After that, we ate outside after picking up sandwiches at a deli there and made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s. And once again, she fell asleep on the car ride home and failed to nap in her crib. /sigh

I must learn to either let her sleep in the car or not tire her out so much during her excursions….


two cute expressions


A few days ago, I stepped on a stray toy in the living room and expressed my pain a little more loudly than I would have liked. Then I heard a little voice say “uh oh.”

I wasn’t sure if I imagined it.


Tonight, the baby was resisting bedtime, crying, squirming in my arms, making it clear she wanted out of the nursery or failing escaping from the room at least to play with some item on the dresser (I had no idea what). In the process, she dropped her pacifier on the floor. The pacifier has been keeping her calm lately so I squatted down with her in my arms to look for it but couldn’t find it in the dark room. The baby could tell I was looking for her pacifier but still complaining.

“I’m looking for your pacifier. You dropped it and it’s dark, and I can’t find it in the dark. It’s gone,” I say to her as she squirms. I didn’t expect a response but received a soft, little one.

“Oh, no.”

roseola, check.

The baby’s rash from the roseola has finally vanished and although I know we got off lucky compared to other babies who kept the rash for much longer, I really, really need to get out of the house.

And my husband agrees.

I’ve read that having a bout of roseola as a child, like a chicken pox, results in immunity to it later. Check. One childhood illness over and done with.


It’s been confirmed. In the morning, I checked the baby’s belly again to see if what I thought was a rash was still there. It was very subtle but it had spread to her chest, so I called the pediatrician. The pediatrician was in a meeting all morning so the advice nurse called and she said it sounded like baby measles or roseola. Baby needs to be isolated from other children until her rash goes away – so more time at home in the house. No parks.

I got a little stir crazy in the afternoon and took the baby out in the stroller to get some air. We walked to the Chinese marketplace and I ordered pearl tea and shared an egg puff – it’s the HK version of a waffle but rather than a grid with holes there are ovals which puff out – and shared that with the baby. Since there were no kids in the courtyard, I let the baby out and she amused herself by pushing her stroller in circles. Unfortunately, she must have been a little tired but not ready to quit and a little hungry but not interested in any of the snacks I had on hand and she started crying – high pitched wails. So I strapped her back into the stroller and walked her home.

a rainy day and a possible case of roseola

It mostly rained today, briefly punctuated with bursts of sunlight. For a few moments today, there was even bright sunshine with light rain, which made for a confusing forecast of which one would prevail. Every time, I even thought about bringing the baby out because it was light out, the sky would darken again and more rain would fall so we were shut-ins today.

Despite the weather, the baby was fairly cheerful. Now that her fever has passed, she has more energy, but I noticed little pinprick bumps on her belly and can’t tell if it is something that I should worry about. I’m suspecting roseola but am not sure if I’m imagining a symptom that isn’t there, so most likely I’ll call the doctor tomorrow. Other than that, she is a little more tired lately and even though she was fighting her nap, she was out within a few minutes. She woke later and since I was fairly tired myself, I plucked her out of the crib and brought her to the bed and passed out for 2 hours. I actually woke up before she did and if I hadn’t moved, she would have been happy to keep on sleeping.

Tomorrow’s plans: Call the pediatrician. Send out some packages. Get baby to a park for outdoor time (provided she isn’t contagious with anything).

Baby’s new trick: Her girly side is coming out. Today, she handed me her little nailclippers and wasn’t satisfied until after I clipped the nails on one hand. Later in the day, she wanted me to pick her up so she could watch herself try to comb her hair in the mirror. She has also figured out how to play with her rolling turtles a lot better, placing the ball on top of the turtle and then brushing the ball with her hand to make the turtle roll forward.

a lazy Sunday

Today was another lazy day. The baby woke up at 4:30am and rather than putting her back in the crib, I decided to carry her into our bed and let her sleep with us. I rationalized that she’s sick and needs the hugs and that it was 4:30am and I didn’t want to listen to her cry and have to pick her up again.

It sorta worked. She didn’t cry much and she snuggled for a few minutes until she decided that she wanted to sprawl. She was so happy to see her dad that she started reaching for him and trying to cuddle up next to him that she formed a t-bar with her head jammed beneath M’s chin and her feet poking my stomach. I’m not sure that this arrangement was comfortable for even her so I don’t think any of us got good quality sleep, but she seemed to drift off to sleep a little after 5am and we all slept in until shortly before 8:30am.

We spent the morning letting baby and grandpa enjoy time together, ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory since M’s dad had never been before dropping him off at the airport, and then more sleep for all three of us – once again, all in the same bed. You would think we would learn, but no, we didn’t. We all did sleep deeply though for about two hours since the afternoon was gone when we woke up. Then a quick trip to Target where we spent way more than expected and dinner at Aqui. The baby wasn’t interested in any of the restaurant food and going to the restaurant was a bit of an impulsive decision so I hadn’t brought dinner food for her, so I ended up feeding the baby a small dinner once we got home. Playtime. Bath. Then bed for baby. Ever since bedtime though, the baby had been waking up about every hour but hopefully she’ll settle down and get a good night’s rest.